Post-Grenfell working class in Theresa May’s Britain

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This video from London, England says about itself:

“My family sent video before they were burnt alive”: Grenfell survivor

16 June 2017

Okasha, a resident of Grenfell Tower, spoke about how his auntie and cousins thought “helicopters were there to save them” as he relives that night.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Tenants unite

Every so often, some politician, pundit or policy wonk pops up to tell us that “class” is no longer the central question in British politics.

The real divide, we are informed, is now between the local and the central, small government and big government, north and south, growth and the environment, the new and the old, etc.

It is not to deny the significance of such dimensions to say: “Tell that to the working-class residents of Grenfell Tower, Ledbury Towers and thousands of other housing blocks.”

It took the…

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