Firm alleging #Venezuela vote fraud run by man who called for regime change


prescottAt the beginning of August Smartmatic, the company that ran the recent Venezuelan election for its new Constituent Assembly, alleged that the vote had been conducted fraudulently.

The allegation was vehemently denied by the country’s President, but the allegations were even called ‘proven’ by some media:

40 proven.jpgAs the headline shows, the allegations – which is what they still were and are – were used by forty countries as a reason to protest against the new Assembly – but in fact the Guardian article admits that the ‘proof’ for the claim is merely an allegation by the voting-management company:

doubtsHowever, doubts have now been cast on the doubts by the revelation by former Labour Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott’s revelation that Smartmatic‘s UK-based Chair called for regime change in Venezuela just before the Constituency Assembly elections.

Prescott, who has already accused right-wing Labour MPs of exploiting the situation…

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