Those bemoaning Khan’s Conference absence show it’s to be welcomed


The Guardian is reporting today that Sadiq Khan and Andy Burnham are likely to be ‘cut’ from Labour’s 2017 Conference programme in order to make more space for member contributions and debate on the issues important to members.

khan guard conf.pngThe Guardian describes Khan’s 2016 ‘Labour in Power’ Conference speech as ‘powerful’, but in fact the only notable thing about it was that it managed to be smug and dreary at the same time.

Khan attempted to capitalise on what was – even more clearly so after the General Election – a significantly Corbyn-driven win, helped by an ugly, dog-whistle campaign by his Tory opponent, to make a thinly-veiled attack on the Labour leader with a repetitious, uninspiring speech that amounted to little more than a call to the centrism that people had forsaken yet again to vote for Corbyn in droves in the leadership election.

Khan had supported Owen Smith and…

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