Trump repeats racist pig-blood jibe – days after racists kill peaceful protester


Donald Trump appears to feel he wasn’t offensive enough when he compared violent neo-nazis to peaceful anti-racism campaigners earlier this week, just hours after one peaceful protester was killed when a white-supremacist terrorist drove a vehicle at speed into a crowd.

Not satisfied with the outrage he provoked and presumably eager for more approval from KKK leaders, he decided to make a race- and religious-hate laden tweet today to offend and horrify Muslims – including the many Muslims in the US who form an integral part of American society:

trump pershingTrump was referring to a probably-apocryphal story about a US general soaking bullets in pig’s blood to execute Muslim rebels and/or burying their bodies with pig carcases to deter them from resisting US occupation when Pershing was governor of a Phillipine province in the 1920s:

trump pigIt is not the first time that Trump has used the story – he made it…

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