British Conservatives advocate gassing working class people

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This 30 August 2017 video from Britain is called Theresa May‘s Nasty Nazi Tory Youth want to “Gas the Chavs”.

‘Chavs’ is a British upper class term of abuse for working class people.

The ‘gassing’ part reminds me of this. And of, more recently, the London Grenfell Tower fire disaster. The local Conservative Kensington and Chelsea council had again and again dismissed fire hazard warnings by the working class Grenfell residents and by the fire brigade. Some of the Grenfell people who died in the fire were killed by poisonous gas, a result of hazardous insulation material.

By Steve Sweeney in Britain:

Tories Forced to De-Activate New Group as ‘Gassing Chavs’ Row Grows

Friday 1st September 2017

NEW TORY campaign group Activate was in disarray yesterday after it was forced to issue a statement denying it had ever launched following a string of sickening…

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