‘Centrist’ politics, what is it really?

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This video from Britain says about itself:

Young Tories calling for ‘chavs’ to be ‘gassed‘: where’s the outrage? | Owen Jones talks…

1 September 2017

When the Conservatives attempted to mimic the success of Momentum by launching a group called Activate, they were widely ridiculed for their attempt to appear to be down with the kids.

Just days later though, there was a dark twist to the story when WhatsApp messages between some of the group’s members revealed them joking about “gassing chavs”

‘Chavs’ is a British upper class term of abuse for working class people.

and carrying out experiments on why “they are so good at [re]producing despite living rough”. It was a disgusting display of arrogance and class hatred for which the group has issued an apology.

But where was the outrage in the media? If this had been Momentum members using such despicable language…

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