The real story of EU(W) vote is Labour’s unity – and a few craven abstainers


The right-wing media are, predictably, making much of supposed Labour division over the government’s EU withdrawal bill last night, as a number of MPs broke the whip to support the bill, which Keir Starmer and others have rightly identified as dangerously facilitating a power-grab by an unscrupulous government – which of course the current one is.

Left-wing Labour members have been particularly troubled by the decision of veteran Dennis Skinner, joined by long-serving socialist Ronnie Campbell, to cast his vote in favour.

This consternation is understandable, but so are those votes – both men have a long history of opposition to the EU and would be likely to vote on principle for anything against it. Even the likes of the right-wing and disliked Frank Field can be respected for consistency, having campaigned to leave the EU.

However, the MPs who seem abstained last night are a different matter – and…

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