Corbyn’s remainer popularity shows his opponents misjudging


Electoral gambler Mike Smithson tweeted polling published by Yougov for QMUL (Queen Mary University of London). The results – answers to a question posed exclusively to ‘remainers’ in London about which party leader would make the best Prime Minister – are remarkable:

ygqm london remain.pngAs Smithson somewhat eccentrically observes, Theresa May scrapes in just ahead of LibDem leader Vince Cable, with 13% of the vote.

However, the more obvious headline news is that Jeremy Corbyn received more than three times more support than either of them – or almost double the votes of both combined.

Among remainers.

The ‘bubblista’ pundits and journalists, along with so-called ‘centrist’ Labour MPs, have made a point of criticising Labour’s supposedly alloyed position on Brexit, with a particular focus on Corbyn’s leadership and imposition of the party ‘whip’ for various Brexit-related votes.

The LibDems have staked their entire political future on a clear stance of wishing to…

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