Guest post: Catalunya in chaos


people-take-streets-banner-reading-independence-during-protest-greater-autonomy-catalonia“Jack Smith” (not his real name) is a UK citizen living in Spain. As the volatile situation in Catalunya continues, with military police drafted in to suppress protest and a Spanish court blocking an attempt by the Catalan president to unilaterally declare independence, ‘Jack’ writes about the situation with a different perspective from what readers will have heard either from the BBC or among instinctive supporters of Catalan independence.

One which has a faint echo of the right-wing, anti-government protests in Venezuela, although with more shades of grey. The situation, ‘Jack’ believes, is more complex and nuanced than we might assume – here’s his thought-provoking, ‘on the ground’ analysis:

The two sides in the calamity in Catalunya are rapidly building a situation where ordinary people will be the losers. Dialogue is urgently needed, as the global trend of right wing movements clashing, spreads to Spain.

The disastrous speech by…

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