Trump condemns “failing intelligence test” after achieving 85 IQ

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trump iq test

US president Donald Trump has condemned the IQ test as a “failing examination” following reports that he achieved a score of 85.

“Many other intelligence tests show that Donald Trump is the most intelligent President in the history of Presidents. IQ test bad for country!” Mr Trump tweeted yesterday.

“If the IQ people would just listen to my ideas rather than just marking my answers wrong we could get together and make a really great intelligence test!” He also tweeted.

The tweets follow reports that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson scored 137 in the IQ test that Mr Trump challenged him to, and was subsequently offered membership of MENSA.

“Tillerson has been offered membership of an failing non-profit high IQ organisation equally open to Muslims and Mexicans. Sad!” Mr Trump tweeted.

Speaking at a hastily assembled press conference Mr Trump said of Mr Tillerson’s seemingly far higher IQ:


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