Self-described ‘hack’ offends entire city in one tweet


Ex-Guardian (now New European) writer Michael White has what can be described as a prickly and condescending manner in his Twitter interactions, such as this patronising interaction with what turned out, embarrassingly, to be a fellow journalist who was suggesting he should read something informative:

jdl mw.pngYesterday, however, he managed to offend both the living and the memory of the dead of an entire city in 140 characters.

His tweet in response, to a Scouser who – understandably as well as correctly – was lambasting Tories for the damage they have done and the worse they wanted to do, was a dismissal of the experience and integrity of all Liverpudlians:

mw 2.pngThat comment about a city that suffered smears and lies from the mainstream media about the tragedy of Hillsborough was bound to cause outrage – and did. You’d think Mr White would see the sense of a quick apology or at…

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