Tories impose 3-line #UC whip on MPs – to HIDE. Only Wollaston has spine


gauke ucInvertebrate Work & Pensions Secretary David Gauke, left, cowed by debate battering

Tonight saw the latest in a seemingly endless stream of craven and unedifying Tory behaviour since the General Election reduced May and her party to a spineless, shifty wreck.

Facing almost certain defeat in today’s debate and vote over Labour’s motion to at least postpone the continued roll-out of the Tories’ enormously cruel and damaging Universal Credit (UC) benefits system, which is impoverishing huge numbers of people, the government decided that running away and hiding was the better part of valour cowardice.

It was one of the direst and most contemptible displays of political cowardice you will see – even more so because the vote was to try to bring respite to some of our most vulnerable people; people who cannot hide and have no choice but to face the consequences of Tory actions and cruelty.

When the…

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