Cui bono? New Defence Sec benefits from Tory scandal created by…?


cui.pngThe last few days of scandal about the Tory government have had a curious, ‘off’ feel. Not because Tory ministers and MPs have abused their power and privilege in sleazy ways – that’s no surprise at all. But because of the bizarre train of events and the sources of leaked information.

The Latin phrase cui bono means ‘who benefits?’. It is a legal or investigative term for a principle of who benefits from a particular situation or event. It does not establish guilt, but can help investigators narrow down their field of enquiry. Who has benefited from the bizarre leak and subsequent events? Let’s have a look.

The sleaze-hoarders

A list was released that was alleged to have been compiled by Tory ‘whips’ of alleged sexual misdeeds and liaisons by Tory MPs, including a number of Cabinet ministers. It was said that this information was held to facilitate the…

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