We need to stop Universal Credit. How many deaths will it take?

The poor side of life

Ok, I’ve been writing this blog for a long while now, but not as long as I have been holding demonstrations. It’s hard work, stressful and can seem like its never ending. For years it seemed few wanted to listen, we have an awful ‘I’m alright Jack’ attitude in this country, and it seemed that it was acceptable that vulnerable people were being targeted by a cruel and heartless system called Universal Credit.

Let’s get it right. Universal Credit doesn’t work, it’s purposely designed not to. What it is designed to do is to punish a person for being poor or disabled, even elderly. It is not designed to help. You can more or less take that thought out of your head, therefore taking away any expectation of having a system that supports you. It doesn’t, isn’t designed to and never will do for as long as it exists.


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