Hunt ‘double-dares’ actor Little – gets schooling #2, ducks debate challenge


At least two things can be said with certainty about ‘worst Health Secretary in history’ Jeremy Hunt: he appears to still be around ten years old in his head – and he doesn’t learn from his mistakes.

Last month, Hunt got cocky on Twitter with an NHS junior doctor – and got thoroughly schooled on the reality of the NHS in a public humiliation that went viral. But it seems he’s learned nothing.

In his latest ‘open mouth, insert foot’ moment, Jeremy Hunt responded to a comment on the NHS by well-known actor Ralf Little with this little gem:

hunt dd.pngI double dare you“? It appears we have a Health Secretary who’s still in primary school. The tweet bore an uncanny resemblance to the one that triggered Hunt’s first, viral schooling:

hunt cockyWe have a Health Secretary of overwhelming hubris and a signal inability to learn.

Little warns his followers…

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