Leonard win marks ‘total reset’ of Scottish Labour


leonard campaign.pngNew Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard

The election of Richard Leonard as Scottish Labour leader this morning is a huge milestone for the party both in Scotland and UK-wide. The election of a left-wing, pro-Corbyn Scottish leader with his own radical agenda signals what Labour insiders have called a ‘total reset‘ for the Scottish party – and cements the pro-Corbyn majority on Labour’s UK National Executive Committee (NEC).

Both are vital. The Labour right was pinning its hopes of thwarting Corbyn on the NEC on a Sarwar win. Labour’s resurgence in Scotland, which began under Corbyn in June but was hampered by the uninspiring leadership of Leonard’s predecessor – but with a leader who marks a complete break with Scottish Labour’s Blairite torpor, both the SNP and the Tories will be worried today, whatever their respective leaders might say to pretend otherwise.

The victory margin was substantial, with…

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