Rentoul tries to justify #Hammond ‘no unemployed’ – makes it worse


This morning, Philip Hammond caused outrage by telling Andrew Marr (video) that ‘there are no unemployed people’ – when there are 1.4 million in the UK, alongside those termed ‘economically inactive’ and not counted among them.

Blairite ‘journalist’ John Rentoul quickly leaped to the hapless and heartless Tory chancellor’s defence on social media, trying to justify and explain away the callous and fallacious remark:

rentoul hammond.pngApparently, because Hammond was talking about shorthand typists, that makes it ok – because he somehow magically knows that none of the 1.4 million unemployed people would have a job as a shorthand typist if they still existed these days.

In fact, the context makes Hammond’s nonsense even worse, because it betrays the innate Tory dishonesty and incompetence on the economy and jobs – and dismisses the plight of an enormous number of our people.

The UK has seen a massive increase in…

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