‘Illiterate’ EU amendment looks like sabotage if you have facts. Here they are


Monday night saw what looked like attempts by the Establishment to stir outrage against the Labour leadership that they’ve been unable to touch by legitimate means – with a side-order of distracting from the Tories’ chaos over Brexit and the budget for good measure.

The drama consisted of three parts:

  1. the Labour right proposed a damaging EU-related amendment on ‘customs union’ retention that Labour could not support because of its idiocy
  2. the Labour right moaned and ‘briefed’ to the ‘MSM’ when the amendment was inevitably defeated
  3. MSM commentators portray the ‘anger’ of right-wing Labour MPs at the Labour front bench supposedly ‘whipping’ MPs to ‘vote with the Tories’, creating outrage among gullible or uninformed ‘remainers’

If you have the facts, it’s as transparent as glass.

Here are those facts:

The amendment was idiotic

Barry Gardiner, exasperated at the lamentably-inaccurate portrayal of events, sent out a three-part tweet showing exactly

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