Labour shows sensitivity in case of dead employee. MSM use it to attack


scumA young Labour employee has died, after being suspended pending investigation of alleged misconduct at work, in what may have been suicide.

The Labour Party, rightly, did not publicise the man’s death or identity out of consideration for his family.

The Murdoch press has chosen to spin that into an attack on Labour, claiming that the party ‘hushed up’ the incident:

times scum.pngEvery time you think that the right-wing media could not sink any lower, they find a way.

Labour did not out the man in the media when he was suspended. The party did not release details of his alleged offence(s), nor was he summarily sacked or expelled from the party. He was, rightly, suspended while the allegations were investigated – due process, as it should be.

If Labour had not suspended him, the same media would be screaming that it was ‘hushing up’ sexual misdeeds and would be scrambling…

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