Sexism triggers #OrdinaryMum hashtag after BBC bod doubts they can be political


As the SKWAWKBOX published earlier, a fake-news attack on a well-known Labour social media campaigner was smeared with the false accusation of being a man – which she disproved with a tweeted video.

An offshoot to that Twitter conversation has triggered a trending hashtag after a BBC writer doubted the authenticity of @Rachael_Swindon as an ‘ordinary mum’ because she tweets about politics all the time:

robson rachael.pngAnother well-known Twitter campaigner was quick to respond:

scousegirl rachaelsg omAnd that triggered responses from some of the many politically-engaged, well-informed and active women on Twitter who took exception to the idea that an ‘ordinary anyone’ couldn’t be – well, politically engaged, well informed and active:

serf rachtb omMen got in on the act too:

vg omssb omn.pngIncluding one who pointed out why the Establishment may be so keen to undermine effective activists:

wh omAnd that’s the point, really. In this instance it was expressed through casual, condescending sexism, but what has…

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