In sacking Hammond, May abandoned all pretence EU vote wasn’t crushing defeat




The BBC and other ‘MSM’ have been saying today that the government’s loss – by 309 votes to 305 – of the vote on Dominic Grieve’s amendment to the EU bill has been Theresa May’s ‘first such loss’.

Technically true, but disingenuous – May has suffered numerous defeats – but this is the first time she’s actually contested one of them. On previous occasions, she has beaten a cowardly retreat, whipping Tory MPs into not voting at all, rather than try to win and risk a loss. Losing by not fighting at all is presumably better in Tory minds than fighting and still losing

The amendment – which forces the government to give Parliament a vote on any Brexit deal before it is finalised – was one that she could not afford to lose, so she had no choice but to try to win.

And she failed, in…

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