Toby Young would jail Jeremy Corbyn voters



Theresa May appointed Toby Young to guarantee freedom of speech for young people in our universities. Toby Young then had to delete over 40,000 tweets that exposed him as a sexist, homophobic, racist idiot who hates the working class and those with disabilities. His incompetent attempt to destroy the evidence is reminiscent of totalitarian governments rewriting history. And isn’t that what he’s supposed to be protecting us from?

Theresa May is trying desperately to ignore hundreds of thousands of petitioners demanding she comes to her senses. Her buffoonish, equally racist and misogynist Foreign Secretary – Boris Johnson – defends Toby Young: possibly he doesn’t want to lose someone so awful that, by contrast, he looks relatively harmless. Good luck with that, Boris.

Anyway, something that hasn’t been raised in the objections to Toby Young’s appointment so far – at least as far as I am aware – is his truly…

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