Fox hunting thugs under investigation by police target primary schools

Pride's Purge

Thugs from Thurlow Hunt are currently under investigation by police for assault and illegally killing a fox on Boxing Day:

So it seems incredible that just days later, Barnadiston Hall Primary School in Suffolk – with children as young as 7 years old – would invite the thugs to pay a visit:

Presumably to explain to their children how much ‘fun’ it is to watch defenceless animals being ripped apart alive by dogs?

Fox hunters and their thuggish supporters are getting increasingly panicky over the massive scale of public opposition to their disgusting predilection for tearing beautiful British wildlife apart for so-called ‘sport’.

And targeting primary schools shows the prospect of the hunting ban not only continuing but being strengthened, is leading hunters to take more and more desperate measures.

Fox hunting thugs with balaclavas and metal pipes:

Time to put an end to this disgusting activity once and for…

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