In the Expectation of Recovery: Misleading Medical Research and Welfare

Govt Newspeak

Author: George Faulkner

The attack by the UK Government on disability benefits has only just started to receive mainstream coverage in the wake of the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith. Until recently the Government found that it could reduce disability benefits by presenting its planned cuts as ‘reforms’ which would bring benefits, that included increasing employment levels and better health.

The Government’s strategy for promoting its reforms seemed to rely heavily on a combination of prejudice and wishful thinking. On the one hand it implied that many of those not working were ‘skivers’ – people who could work – but who chose not to. On the other hand the Government relied on research which seemed to support the biopsychosocial model of disability – a model which could be taken to imply that illness or disability was at least partially the result of the attitudes held by sick or disabled people…

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