British Conservative government sabotages fire safety

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This 8 December 2017 video about London, England is Interview With ‘Justice For Grenfell‘.

By Margot Miller in Britain:

UK government refuses to pay for essential safety improvements six months after Grenfell fire

12 January 2018

It is nearly seven months since the deadly fire at Grenfell Tower in London, yet nothing has been done, on a national scale, to rectify the safety breaches that made this avoidable tragedy inevitable.

Despite the loss of 71 lives, and the fact that tens of thousands of people across the UK live in potential death traps, the government has not committed a single penny to assist local authorities in replacing exterior flammable cladding, or installing sprinkler systems retroactively—a measure guaranteed to douse any fire before it can spread.

The same or similar cladding that enabled the Grenfell fire to take a hold in such a devastating fashion has been…

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1 Response to British Conservative government sabotages fire safety

  1. Grenfell Public Inquiry petition presented at Downing Street with 16,600 signatures dismissed by Prime minister. Has now reached 26,000 but is beginning to stall. Please help sign the petition and share with friends and neighbours;

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