MPs discuss new technology to ‘help disabled get to work’ – while taking away their cars

Pride's Purge

MPs on the Work & Pensions Committee in the House of Commons are discussing today new technology from the likes of Microsoft, Apple and Google which will (according to the HoC press release below) “help people with disabilities get into, progress in – and literally get to work.”

Perhaps someone should point out to MPs that if they are really interested in helping disabled people get to work, then perhaps they should discuss returning some of the ‘old’ technology that has been taken away from them in the last few years.

Such as cars:

More than 50,000 disabled people have had specially adapted vehicles taken away since changes to disability benefits in 2013.

Motability car loss ‘left me suicidal’ says disabled man

Obviously, all this ‘new technology’ is going to mean handing billions of our money over to high-tech’ companies.



Work & Pensions Committee


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