Saudi puppet government in south Yemen collapsing

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This 30 January 2018 video is called Aden, South Yemen, under conflict of the occupation parties.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Yemen: Hadi’s PM prepares to flee as separatists surround palace

YEMEN’S prime minister

That is, the prime minister in the Saudi puppet government. Mostly a government in exile, though present in the southern Aden city since Saudi armed forces invaded.

For decades, there was a dictatorship in Yemen, propped up by the Saudi and United states governments. In 2011, a big ‘Arab Spring’ movement managed to drive out the dictator Saleh. Then, the Saudi absolute monarchy imposed Hadi, army general and vice president of the dictatorship as the new ruler, in an election where he was the only candidate.

In 2015, Hadi was overthrown, resigned and went into exile in Saudi Arabia. Then, the Saudi government pressured him to…

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