Esther McVey your Hypocrisy is Showing

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Sorry this post is going to be like one of your favourite TV shows where inevitably at least one episode is a hash up of clips from previous episodes…

Well this post is that episode…

I’m a bit behind with this but…

WOW talk about hypocrisy…

Esther McVey rebuking Labour over their use of Stats… Really, I’m mean REALLY!

This juicy peice, Esther McVey chastised by the speaker for its irrelevance in relation to the discussion was picked up by the Mirror news paper but failed to make the connection with McVeys history in regards to statistics herself, or that of her then boss Mr IDSmith and the 105,000 people who recognised their habit of twisting stats for their own political gain or the fact that they had been chastised numerous times by the office for statistics, as well as the DWP select committee…

This Minister has shown a selective…

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