More thoughts on the Mueller Investigation

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

Barring the firing of DOJ Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the path forward – for his investigation into complicity by the Trump campaign and administration with Russian interests – is likely to get more congested and complicated.  The reason can be seen by comparing it with the Watergate scandal which brought down President Nixon.

Nixon was highly intelligent and exceedingly paranoid.  He saw enemies at every turn, and went to great lengths to ensure they wouldn’t be able to use anything against him.  Consequently, the Nixon White House was a secretive, close-knit operation where loyalty to the president was paramount.  And, it was Nixon’s paranoia which prompted the Watergate break-in of Democratic National Committee headquarters – a perceived enemy at or near the top of his list.  This criminal act and subsequent coverup might have evaded justice had it not been for the persistent efforts of two…

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