15th anniversary of the Iraq War: transcript of Jeremy Corbyn’s 2003 stop the war speech

Pride's Purge

Even the haters have got to admit it.  He was right, wasn’t he?

Jeremy Corbyn, 2003:

“Thank you to every single person that’s here today, in the biggest-ever political demonstration in the history of this country.

And today there are six hundred and more demonstrations in cities all around the world. Every country, every continent, everybody in the world has a chance today to say no, absolutely no, to war on Iraq.

Well surely the message today in London, in Glasgow and ordinary people on the streets of this country is this: why are we spending three-and-a-half billion pounds on a war that nobody wants, when there is an AIDS pandemic sweeping Africa, when a quarter of the world’s children die in poverty and starvation? And we say there isn’t money sufficient for our own public services?

Thousands more deaths in Iraq will not make things right. It will set off…

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