The revelations about Cambridge Analytica indicate clearly that western governments are subverting democracy

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Image result for PR companies manipulationI have already written an article about Cambridge Analytica, the commodification of voter decision making and the marketisation of democracy, along with previous articlesabout western government’s strategies for subverting democracy. I have also extensively criticised governments’ use of ‘behavioural economics, and the neuroliberal turn more generally. 

Within the neoliberal framework, it seems that anything which may be commodified and marketised is, including our behaviours, cognitive habits, perceptions, and decisions. If companies like Cambridge Analytica could mine an sell our souls, they would do so in much they same way they did their own collective conscience.

Cambridge Analytica is just the tip of a very dirty, subterranean iceberg. It’s worth keeping in mind that without paying clients, among which are governments, antidemocratic companies like this would not thrive. The extensive Public Relations (PR) and ‘strategic communications’ industry is about sustaining power relations, and extending corporate and…

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