I’m sick of people looking at me as if I’m dirt. This weeks blog.

The poor side of life

Hello readers! I was extremely worried about being able to write the blog in time but I’ve managed it. This makes me very happy. I’ll write this weeks blog in the usual manner, it’s easier that way.

The weather was lovely and warm, so has made life a bit easier for many of us. I’m also thankful for that and long may it last!

The first person that I spoke to was an older woman, she told me that she wasn’t in the best of health but had failed her ESA ‘medical’ examination. Note how I highlight the word medical. These assesments are mostly a farce to force ill and people with disabilities off their rightful benefits and onto either a benefit that they can’t cope with or to take themselves off the system. Indeed, some people force themselves to work again even though they can’t cope. It’s a choice…

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