The Times Smears Corbyn with Fake Link to KKK Leader, David Duke

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On Monday, Mike put up a piece reporting and commenting on a story in the Skwawkbox that the Times had tried to smear Corbyn by claiming that David Duke, a grand wizard of the KKK, had endorsed Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour party.

Duke’s a thoroughly nasty piece of work, and extremely anti-Semitic. So much so that after he interviewed him a few years ago, The Young Turks’ Cenk Uigur said that he was the most anti-Semitic person he’d met. If there was anything wrong in the world, Duke seemed to believe that the Jews were behind it.

Despite the right-wing media’s determination to smear Corbyn as an anti-Semite, Duke actually did not say anything to support the Labour leader. Quite the opposite. As Mike shows with a graphic in his article, Duke actually said ‘God help the UK, if this anti-White Marxist is …. selected’. As the Skwawkbox article…

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