Saudis keep killing Yemeni children, British Conservatives complicit

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British Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May fawns on Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad Bin SalmanFrom daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Thursday, August 9, 2018

More blood on Britain’s hands as Saudis kill children in bus attack

SAUDI ARABIA’S recent fierce denunciation of Canada’s mild criticism of its atrocious human rights record confirms that Riyadh sees no cause to alter its ways.

Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman may project himself to simpering allies in Washington, London and Tel Aviv as the face of change, but domestic repression and war crimes in Yemen persist.

The Saudi military coalition, engaged in erasing all resistance in its southern neighbour, obliterated a bus in Saada province today, killing up to 39 people

UPDATE: this attack killed at least 43 people

– the majority infants – and wounding another 43.

It justified its “legitimate” action as conforming to international and humanitarian laws by claiming that the bus was carrying missile launchers for the Houthi…

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