Autism Covered Up In Ethnic Minority Communities

Same Difference

The “taboo” subject of autism must be tackled in ethnic minority communities rather than ignored like a “disease”, one campaigner has said.

Hazel Lim believes it is almost seen as “contagious” while Race Council Cymru said families cover it up fearing it will affect marriage chances.

The National Autistic Society estimates there are 34,000 autistic people in Wales from all backgrounds.

However, it is thought there could be many more in minority communities.

Autism is a lifelong development disability which cannot be cured and affects how people see, hear and interact with the world.

“Many families with autistic children would prefer not to make it public because it affects your chances of making a good marriage,” said Race Council Cymru’s chief executive Uzo Iwobi.

“People judge you and the children are often picked on so it’s very, very difficult to find Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic families who want to…

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