Nazi violence in Chemnitz, Germany

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This 12 January 2018 German MDR TV video says about itself (translated):

Nazi vandalism in Chemnitz | MDR.DE

Right-wing slogans have been sprayed on the Sonnenberg in Chemnitz. According to police on Wednesday houses in two streets were extensively smeared with swastikas, SS runes and Nazi slogans. Affected was, among other buildings, the facade of a bakery.

The video says that police saw some of the nazi vandalism happening and did nothing. At least one of the slogans called for freedom for Ms Ursula Haverbeck, jailed for Holocaust denial.

By Johannes Stern in Germany:

Neo-Nazi mob rampages through East German city of Chemnitz

28 August 2018

Yesterday evening, some 1,000 neo-Nazis gathered in the East German city of Chemnitz and chanted right-wing slogans. The day before, hundreds of right-wing extremists marched through the centre of the city and chased people they identified as immigrants or refugees

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