Strong anti-fascism needed after German Chemnitz nazi violence

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This 26 August 2018 German video from Chemnitz in Germany shows nazis and other racists man-hunting refugees.

From daily The Morning Star in Germany:

Sunday, September 2, 2018

A broad anti-fascist alliance is what’s needed to defeat the far right

THERE are disturbing scenes in Germany today.

A week following the stabbing of a Cuban-German, the right-wing AfD, Pegida and sundry neonazis mobilised for anti-refugee demos in Chemnitz.

Last week Sunday, a 1,000-strong mob took to the streets. The following Monday, about 7,000 self-proclaimed “Reich citizens” — many giving the Hitler salute — attacked anti-fascists, journalists, migrants and even the police.

As Junge Welt, our sister paper in Germany put it, the Saxony state police, which routinely mobilises huge forces for smaller anti-fascist rallies, managed to find only a small contingent of officers.

With the conclusion this summer of the trial…

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