Economist magazine wants militarisation of British politics

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This video from the USA says about itself:

British General Threatens Military Coup on UK if Corbyn is Elected Prime Minister

23 September 2015

It looks bad for the United Kingdom. A general has denounced a Labour Party candidate for Prime Minister, and if Jeremy Corbynis elected the general is threatening war. People in the UK are petitioning Prime Minister David Cameron to remove the general from power before the general can incite any kind of coup. This means there is a possible rebellion, insurrection, mutiny stirring in the United Kingdom.

By Julie Hyland in Britain:

Economist magazine calls for soldier MPs to lead UK

18 September 2018

The Bagehot notebook in the Economist has urged the rise of a “new generation of soldier-statesman” as “politicians steeled in war are well placed to unite a divided country.”

The Economist was founded in 1843 to agitate for the repeal of…

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