German anti-Semitic nazis demonstrate

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German nazis demonstrating in Dortmund: [Credit: Marcus Arndt]By Ulrich Rippert in Gemrany:

Hundreds of neo-Nazis chant anti-Semitic slogans in Dortmund, Germany

24 September 2018

On Friday evening, several hundred Neo-nazis marched through a residential area in the working-class German city of Dortmund. They waved black-white-red imperial flags

These flags were the German national flags during Emperor Wilhelm II’s second Reich, and restored as such when Hitler‘s third Reich started

and roared neo-Nazi slogans. Their main slogan was, “Those who love Germany are anti-Semitic”. They also chanted, “Police, democracy, you’ll never break us” and “National Socialism [Nazism] now!” The police left the Nazis undisturbed and did not intervene.

That same day, radical right-wingers once again marched through the city in Chemnitz. According to media reports, followers of the “Pro Chemnitz” alliance attacked the offices of the Left Party, where many members of the Saxony state legislature are based. A journalist was also…

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