CPC 2018: Empty May speech with fraudulent soundbites for compliant media


Guilty feet have got no rhythm.” – George Michael

Every dishonest word spat out by Tory prime minister Theresa May in her conference speech today was predicted easily. 

She knew she could talk utter drivel, she knew she could lie shamelessly and relentlessly, she knew she could make false promises that the Tories have no intention of fulfilling (on education, housing, Brexit consequences, etc.), she knew she could make any absurd claim whatsoever about post-Brexit Britain, she knew she could make libellous accusations about Labour on antisemitism while ignoring the institutionalised racism of the Tories (including May’s racist attacks on the Windrush generation when Home Secretary), she knew she could make fraudulent claims about Tories funding public services that are just sleight of hand con tricks and she knew she could happily make thinly disguised bigotted pleas to grab far-right support.  She knew she could do all that…

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