Conservatives Outraged Because Edinburgh Residents Want City to be ‘Tory-Free’

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This is hilarious. This is a very short report from RT about the results of a marketing survey of the guid folk of Edinburgh conducted two years ago that well and truly upset the Tories in that fair city. The survey asked them how they would like to see the Scottish capital in a few years. The overwhelmingly popular reply from the peeps of Auld Reekie was ‘Tory Free’. This even got into a word-cloud designed as part of the exercise.

Naturally Tory councilors were outraged, and the word had to be removed, as the organisers acknowledged that the exercise was supposed to be apolitical. Marketing Edinburgh released the following statement.

The entry about the Conservative party should not have been included in the word cloud and has been removed. As a general rule, entries relating to any particular political party will not be included.

There, and it’s Glasgow that…

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1 Response to Conservatives Outraged Because Edinburgh Residents Want City to be ‘Tory-Free’

  1. Justin says:

    that is a really good idea just like cold calling a tory free zone, though the people of Edinburgh could be nicer, they could have a free home on anthrax free Gruinard island, with a free supply of sheep to get rid of there hunting instincts and plenty of places for home grown produce and if they get really desperate the americans can always send them some chlorinated chicken.

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