Brazil’s far-right President Bolsonaro, musical parody

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This 29 October 2018 musical parody video from Britain says about itself:

A song for Jair Bolsonaro, the dictator-elect – sorry, President-elect! – of Brazil, to the tune of the Canyonero song from The Simpsons.

LYRICS: Can you name the guy who’s so far right
He challenged every single gay person to a fight?
Bolsonaro! Bolsonaro!

Well, he favours torture and dictatorship
But he won’t rape you unless you deserve it
Bolsonaro! Bolsonaro! (Bolsonaro!)

He raised his sons to never date
Black women, and now he’s in charge of the state
Bolsonaro! Bolsonaro!

He’ll send the military into every favela
He makes Donald Trump look like Nelson Mandela
Bolsonaro! Bolsonaro!

He’s the congressman who successfully cast
Himself as an outsider kicking ass
Bolsonaro! Bolsonaro!

He looks up to General Pinochet
He’s the Bullets, Beef and Bible presidente
Bolsonaro! Bolsonaro!

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