Hancock’s Half-Arsed


Tory Health Secretary Matt Hancock is a salaried employee of Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA).  His salary has been paid via regular donations from IEA chairman Neil Record. 

The objective of IEA is to demand annihilation of public ownership of vital public services via the handover of the services (and tax-payers’ money used to fund them) to vulture privateers.  IEA has particular interest in the NHS which it views as a multi-billion pound source of income for fake private healthcare charlatans to syphon off most of the fiscal funding leaving a poorly maintained, inadequate and expensive service.  

IEALogoMatt Hancock was appointed Tory Health Secretary precisely because of his long-standing connection to IEA and to other extremist lobby groups for corporate gangsterism.  Following the work of the similarly corrupt Jeremy Hunt, Hancock’s role is to continue the destruction of the NHS.

Privatisation scam
The privatisation of the NHS has…

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