The criminally corrupt DWP Sanctions Regime

Fear and Loathing in Great Britain


The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Sanctions Regime is the presumption of authority to negatively and punitively impact the lives of others without their permission and against their will. Sanctions are the denial of the sovereign being of others, imposing life affecting (and ending) punishments without trial and taking no responsibility for the consequences of the penalties imposed. The DWP has been at great pains not to document the consequences of its sanctions regime and therefore wilfully and knowingly avoids its own responsibility (1).

The fundamental flaw and harm contained within the sanctions regime is that at its core are Victorian ideas of punishment, disapproval and control which dehumanise and infantilise its victims. It is a very particular conservative imperialist view of humanity which treats others as lower or lesser creatures. It is precisely the same attitude that enabled the building of the British Empire on the blood of…

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