Amazon worker dies, boss gets richer

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This 3 December 2017 video from England says about itself:

Bolton teenager finds Help me note in Amazon package

Teenager, 13, finds ‘help me’ note on an invoice inside her Amazon Christmas delivery describing bosses as ‘evil’.

A teenager found a ‘Help me’ note inside her Amazon advent calendar delivery describing staff as ‘evil’, her mother has claimed.

April Dorsett, 13, was gifted a £30 make up advent calendar by her parents Kim and Philip who ordered it from Amazon. They had arranged for the note on the invoice to say ‘love from mum and dad’ but instead it read: ‘Help me please, PMP staff are evil’.

PMP is the recruitment agency used by Amazon to fill jobs at its distribution sites. It is part of Cordant.

More about this is here.

By E.P. Milligan in the USA:

Amazon worker dies of heart attack at facility in…

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1 Response to Amazon worker dies, boss gets richer

  1. Justin says:

    I saw the undercover panaroma documentary and having worked in a similar enviroment with a company that totally thrived on bullying mangers and there tactics that was the last time I bought of them and even if they changed there ways that will still be the last time I buy of them even if it cost more to buy elsewhere, I simply detest bullies

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