“Law change threatens rights of 300,000 people with learning disabilities”

Angelina Souren is a multipassionate critical thinker and author from Amsterdam (Netherlands) who's previously lived in Florida. She established herself within London's commuter circle at the end of 2004. Angelina started her (first) business, in earth & life sciences, in 1997. She became an inclusivity, (neuro)diversity and equality maven after her move to Portsmouth in 2009. This focus includes forms of stalking as well as workplace and community bullying.

Campaigners in the UK fear that new legislation may result in the erosion of rights of people with learning disabilities, autism and dementia, as it may take away many of their rights to make decisions for themselves, including how and where they are cared for.

This would be outrageous.

It makes me recall one case in which someone was moved 200 miles (off the top of my head, because the person turned 18) and the parents successfully took a human rights approach to reverse that. That is only one example of what could go wrong.

Legislation drawn up for the right reasons but drawn up badly can do a lot of harm.

Read more: https://rightsinfo.org/law-change-threatens-rights-of-300000-people-with-learning-disabilities/

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