Spanish ‘center’ right-neofascist collusion?

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This 16 July 2018 video shows Spanish neofascists doing the nazi salute and singing songs from the age of General Franco near that dictator’s mausoleum. They are protesting against plans of the new Spanish social democrat government to remove Franco‘s body from that mausoleum.

By Paul Mitchell:

Fascist Vox party makes substantial gains in Andalusia elections

4 December 2018

The results of the regional election in Andalusia herald the open return of fascism to Spanish politics, 43 years after the death of dictator General Francisco Franco in 1975 and the transition to democracy.

The Vox party, which only decided to stand candidates at the last minute, won 12 seats in the 108-seat Andalusian parliament and almost 11 percent of the vote compared to zero seats and 0.46 percent in 2015.

It is highly likely that the party will enter the regional government in the role of…

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