Desperate Brexiters resort to LYING – UK will NOT lose abstention rights, nuclear deterrent if we stay in EU

Pride's Purge

Brexiters are getting desperate as they become more and more a minority.

They are resorting to lying and spreading fake news – once again – in order to persuade voters to leave the EU in the case of a second referendum.

A post full of fake news and lies has been circulating widely on social media – falsely claiming the UK will lose its right to abstain on any EU legislation by 2020 and other lies if it stays in the EU.

The post – which Leavers falsely claimed was written by a former army helicopter pilot (see here for more on that strange story!) – also claims that if the UK stays in the EU we will lose control of our army and be forced to get rid of our nuclear deterrent.

But pretty much the ENTIRE POST is a work of fiction.

Ironically, the post falsely claims

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