Bed-bound MS sufferer has disability benefits halved because he could touch his nose with his finger

Govt Newspeak

Paul Powell, 50, also had his mobility car taken off him – leaving him and his carer wife feeling isolated

Glenice said her husband would rather be working than lying in bed all day feeling ill (Photo: Glenice Powell)

  • Glenice Powell says her husband’s PIP being cut has made life a struggle
    They can’t always afford to have the heating on – which worsens Paul’s MS
  • Waiting months to hear about Universal Credit decision – he’s been asked what work he can do
  • On the odd day, Paul Powell can get out of bed and walk to the bathroom, though he’ll be wobbly on his feet.

But he spends the majority of his time in bed with fatigue and no strength.

Indeed multiple sclerosis (MS) – which the 50-year-old has suffered with for more than 20 years – is known as a disease of ‘good days’ and ‘bad days’. For some with more progressive types, it’s ‘bad days’ and ‘not-as-bad’ days which is the case for Paul.

But after…

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