Workers’ Communist Party of France: No to Challenging the Right to Protest

The Red Phoenix

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has announced a series of measures against civil liberties, some more dangerous than others, that he wants quickly adopted into law.

It is the demonstrations of the Yellow Vests, the damages and clashes that “tarnish” the demonstrations, that are put forward to justify the challenge the right to protest. For the first time, people participating in an undeclared demonstration can be arrested and prosecuted in court. Prohibitions on demonstrations can be used against people under the pretext that there are “serious reasons to think” that their behavior constitutes a threat to public order, or because they could be linked to people likely to commit such acts. It is the purported intent or links that become grounds to prohibit a protest. Arrests on the spot will be made easier by making a fine (for wearing a face mask, for example) into an offense.

These are the same…

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